Free Miniature Dollhouse Sheet Music 1:12 Scale

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It’s been some time since I’ve released any new free miniature printables and so I’m excited to bring you this free printable dollhouse sheet music in 1:12 scale!

I made the printables using antique sheet music from the late 1800’s that I scanned and then scaled down to be about .75 inch x 1 inch, which in 1:12 scale would make them be about 9×12 inch pages in miniature life.

In designing the printable, I made it so you could choose whether you want to make these into individual sheets, double-sided sheets, or you could even make a couple of music books with these!

free printable dollhouse sheet music

I put very light lines along the edges of the music so you can cut these into strips very easily with a paper cutter. Having them all closely side by side together like that makes it really easy to cut them apart!

If you want your sheet music to be double-sided, you can cut vertically every other row so that you have two sheets side by side. Then, take a glue stick, fold them in half, and glue them together.

You could also create miniature sheet music books with this printable. To do that, you just need to cut out the strips horizontally and then fold them accordion-style like we did with our free printable miniature notebooks.

I printed these out on standard copy paper – you could of course do a heavier-weight paper if you want them to be a bit sturdier.

Because these are scaled-down versions of the real thing, there is a LOT Of detail on these pages!

free printable sheet music

Printers can vary with what your pages will look like – sometimes a printer will print them darker and sometimes a printer will print them lighter. If you want these to look very aged and a bit darker, the PDF can be edited in Photoshop if needed or you could always go over them very lightly with distress ink.

I love this set of Tim Holtz distress inks – the Antique Linen would be perfect for quickly just stamping the back of your pages as well for getting some color on them.

They are also quite handy for distressing all kinds of other DIY miniature stuff like furniture. You can get them in larger 3-inch ink pad sizes, but the minis definitely work best for my purposes and they last a very long time.

Download the Free Printable Miniature Dollhouse Sheet Music

To download the 1:12 scale miniature sheet music printable, simply click on the button below!

I hope you enjoy these free printables for your dollhouse and of course, I would always love to hear about and see what you’re creating with these in the comments section below!

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  1. This is wonderful. Thank you. Can you please give an example of what it looks likes once scaled down? I am trying to create my own printables. Thanks in advance

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