DIY Dollhouse Flooring Ideas

dollhouse flooring ideas
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When it comes to dollhouse flooring, there are a LOT of different options out there. You may be wondering what will be the best option for you and what you’d like to use for optimal sturdiness and durability, as well as look nice.

Here are the main types of dollhouse floors you can use:

Vinyl Tile: Very economical, as you can often get several square feet for a few dollars at any home improvement store, and you just peel & stick! They come in a wide variety of patterns – stone, marble, granite, floral patterns, wood patterns, just about anything you can imagine! Vinyl also holds up pretty well to regular use and wear.

Laminate Flooring: More expensive, but laminate flooring may be an option if you have some leftover from your own real house home improvement projects or if you find an open carton/box at a discount.

Popsicle Sticks: Do not underestimate the power of a lovely popsicle stick! If you stain with a light finish and then install just as you would with regular hardwood floors, this can come out quite nice! Or you can paint the popsicle sticks – entirely up to you! You can choose the standard thin popsicle sticks, or go with the wider craft sticks if you’d like, or maybe even mix up both! I love the idea of the brightly colored popsicle craft sticks shown above!

Paper Hardwood Floors with Cardboard Pieces: It’s very easy to cut up strips of thin cardboard to be like floor boards – then you lay them just like you would do popsicle sticks. I think the cardboard is easier than the popsicle sticks and you can achieve some pretty nice effects if you paint them to look like wood grain.

Carpeting: Give your dollhouse inhabitants something soft and warm to step on with carpeting! You can often buy low-pile commercial carpet tiles inexpensively, and these are great to trim down and best of all no glue or anything required!

Paint: You can paint the floor any way you’d like – I’m sure you’ve seen the paint jobs where there are checkers and chevrons and any other cool pattern you can imagine!

Scrapbook Paper: This is a very easy way to create flooring for your dollhouse, but you could use scrapbook paper that is a pattern or woodgrain type of paper that you like.

Tile: Tile flooring is another option for your dollhouse, although you definitely wouldn’t want to use real tile and grout. If a real tiled floor look is what you are after, I would recommend going with the vinyl tiles or a piece of laminate, cutting into pieces, and then filling them with a “grout” such as maybe gesso or modeling paste. As this can be quite messy, I would also recommend doing it on a piece of heavy cardstock in the shape of the room and then placing the card stock in the room rather than trying to grout the vinyl tile straight into the dollhouse. This way, if it ends up being a disaster, well, no harm done to the dollhouse itself. Plus you’ll be able to easily change out the floors any time you like!

Rugs: If you would like to spruce up the room’s floors, you can also make a number of rugs to go in the dollhouse. We’ve seen some very cute DIY ones, and you can always make your own with fabric/ribbon scraps as well.

Stone/Brick Look: This can be achieved with paint or vinyl tile that looks like stone and can be very elegant in your dollhouse. You can also use paper mache to give the floor some texture.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to finish a dollhouse floor. I hope this inspires you and of course, I’d love to hear about what kind of flooring you like to use in your dollhouses in the comments section below!

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