Common Furniture Sizes in 1:12 Scale Miniature Reference Chart

furniture sizes in 1:12 scale conversion chart
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Need to know the size of something quick? This handy list of common miniature furniture sizes for building and designing in 1:12 scale will definitely be a helpful resource for you!

The best part? There is a free printable PDF version of this chart you can download at the bottom of this post.

miniature furniture sizes chart

If you like to build and design your own minis, this handy chart is super useful to print out and keep in your design files. I like to keep all of my design notes and templates together in one big ole fat binder with pocket protector pages. It helps me feel much more organized.

This Free Miniature Size Chart Printable Will Help You Save Time!

Anytime I think about building miniature scale furniture, such as my miniature potting bench I completed recently, it can be a struggle to make sure the furniture is the correct size.

Fortunately, in 1:12 scale, it is very easy to convert measurements from real life size to miniature size. In 1:12 scale, one inch equals one foot.

So, if you have an item in real life that is 2 feet tall, that would be 2 inches in 1:12 miniature scale.

Where it gets tricky of course is when you have to convert everything down to the real life inch. For example, if I have a 9 inch item in real life, we have to convert those inches into feet. 9/12 inches reduces to 3/4 inch. If you use a calculator, this will give you the decimal of 0.75.

Whenever I am building and designing different custom miniatures, one thing I am always trying to keep track of what size something is in real life so I am able to figure out what size it should be in 1:12 scale.

Rather than look up the sizes for something every time I want to make it, I thought it might be nice to have a general reference sheet of furniture sizes.

I made this for myself and of course thought others might also find it useful. Now you won’t need to go around your house with a tape measure and do all the calculations. This chart takes all of the guesswork for designing furniture and miniature items for you!

1 inch scale furniture size reference chart
Download the printable high-resolution version of this chart at the bottom of this post!

The Big List of Common Miniature Furniture Sizes

At the end of this post, you’ll be able to download and print out a PDF version of this list of different furniture sizes. It’s a good idea to keep a list like this on hand, because you never know when you might want to build something.

Bedroom Furniture Miniature Sizes

Twin Bed2.753.256.25
Double Bed2.754.56.25
Day Bed2.7536.25
Queen Bed2.7556.67
King Bed2.7566.67
BlanketW + 1.5D + 1
Dresser, Wide2.551.75
Dresser, Tall3.7531.75
Vanity Table2.253.51.5

Note: For blankets, you’ll want to add 1.5″ to the width and 1″ for the length or as needed to account for the height of the actual bed frame.  The height here is for a standard bed on box spring/bed frame.

Dining & Kitchen Miniature Furniture Sizes

This list of dining and kitchen miniature furniture sizes includes the sizes for most dining room items, such as table, chairs, buffet, china cabinet and of course a chandelier. For the kitchen, I’ve also included the size for base cabinets and most standard appliance sizes, such as refrigerator, stove, and even a dishwasher.

Dining Table (4)2.543
Dining Table (6)2.563
Round Cafe Table2.533
Dining Chair31.51.5
Bar Stool311
China Cabinet661.5
Dinner Plate0.830.83
Salad Plate0.50.5
Tea Cup0.250.330.33
Coffee Mug0.330.330.33
Drinking Glass0.50.330.33
Dining Utensils0.6250.125
Cooking UtensilsW + 0.1250.125
Kitchen Counter3Varies2
Kitchen Towel11.5


Living Room & Study Furniture and Accessories

Most living room sizes are standard – you of course can adjust as needed to fit into your custom space!

Full Size Sofa373
Rocking Chair3.521.75
End Table222
Table Lamp2VariesVaries
Side Table351.5

For table lamps, the size will of course depend on the design. Most lamps are about 2 feet tall, so in miniature 1:12 dollhouse scale, that would put them at about 2 inches tall. Lamp shades typically are about 6 inches wide at the top, and then taper down. Again, this will vary depending on the design.

Bath & Utility

These are standard sizes for miniature 1:12 scale dollhouse bathroom items.

Bath Tub22.55
Bath Sink321.75
Bath Rug1.752.5
Bar of Soap0.1750.175..25


Miscellaneous Miniature Home Decor & Dollhouse Accessories

Lastly, but certainly not least, I also have a list of miscellaneous accessory and home decor items in miniature sizes. In case you need a teddy bear for the bed or would like a welcome mat in front of the door.

Flower Pot0.50.750.66
Book (9x6x1.5)0.750.50.125
Welcome Mat1.752
Teddy Bear10.50.5
Bird House10.50.5
Floor Lamp5VariesVaries

This should hopefully give you a nice idea for different sizes and measurements of common household items. Of course, this isn’t meant to be an exact “must be this size” guide. This is just to give you a rough idea of where to start for when you are designing your own miniature items.

Download the Free Printable Miniature Size Reference Chart for Dollhouse & Fairy Garden Furniture

I made a nice free printable miniature size reference chart you can print out and use to keep in your notes and files. Hopefully, this will help make your life much easier when you are designing miniature furniture and accessories for your dollhouses, fairy gardens, and more.

To download, simply click on the button below!

I hope you find this list of miniature sizes and the reference chart useful. I know it is going to save me a lot of time in the future to be able to start a design without needing to first measure items around the house.

Are there any common furniture items or household accessories I may have missed? What types of things are you building often? If there’s anything you would add to this list let me know in the comments section below!

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  1. thank you for this chart I am new to this and it will be a big help everything in the videos I have watched looked so big I had no idea the proper sizes

  2. I had just made a list of the items I wanted to measure at home, so I could have all of the measurements in one place. I did a quick internet search (as the list is daunting) and Viola! Thanks to you, the hard stuff is done! How kind of you to share this, Miniature Artist! I am about to start building the first things, as I’m a true beginner and you’ve removed the dread I was feeling as I wanted to make a table right away just to try it out. Again, thank you.

    1. What I would probably do for cushions is to first make the chair or sofa and then use a piece of scrap paper to create a template to make sure the cushions fit. Hope that helps!

    1. Oh, I may have done feet instead of inches lol…I will take a look and fix, thanks for bringing to my attention!

  3. Thank you so very much for sharing this. I am about to make my first attempt at creating miniatures and have googled and looked up soooo much information that I am dizzy and no longer sure where to start. But, I KNEW I needed to know measurements. I’ve decided to attempt one cube first – the kitchen – so I’m excited to run across your chart. This will really be a huge help.

  4. Thank you for all this helpful info. Is there any chance you have all of this in centimeters or millimeters. I am from South Africa

    1. Hi Sharon, I am terrible at converting inches to centimeters and millimeters unfortunately. I will look into seeing if there might be a way I can figure it out!

  5. Omg thank you sooo much for this! I’ve been building minis for awhile now and I could not figure out the conversion chart! At least not until I read this post! Ur amazing and I love all of your work! Keep it up

    1. Thanks Amanda! This chart definitely makes it easier to figure out the measurements for basic furniture! Glad you found it helpful!

  6. Your website has been extremely helpful as I embark on this new hobby. Question-If I’m working in 1:24 scale, should I halve all of your measurements for 1:12?

  7. Thank you so very much for these measurements, as a beginner I have no clue as to sizing and would very much like to try and make some furniture myself, some originals just for me.
    Thanks again, I have subscribed and look forward to more helpful tips and information.

    1. Hi Amanda,

      For a kitchen island I would do about 5 1/2 inches x 3 inches and make it 3 inches high. Hope that helps!

  8. This is brilliant, has saved me so much time as a beginner to making miniatures. What size would you make a teapot to match the cup and saucer size on your chart?

    1. The average teapot is about 8 inches wide (including handle and spout) and about 8 inches tall (including handle + lid) – so I would make the teapot about 2/3 of an inch.

    1. Hi Tina, most fireplaces are about 54″ high, which would come out to be about 4.5 inches tall – hope that helps!

  9. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this.

    Please can you tell me, is there anything like this in 1/24 scale. I have searched high and low, and can not find anything.

    1. Hi Jackie, I don’t have 1:24 scale but if I have a chance to do all the math + add it to our site I will definitely let you know!

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