10 Ways to Use Buttons for Your Dollhouse Miniatures

ways to use buttons in a dollhouse
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One of my favorite things to collect and use for making miniatures are buttons! In today’s post, I’m excited to share some fun different ways to use buttons in your dollhouse. You can use buttons in your dollhouse for decorations, accessories and even furniture!

dollhouse button ideas

1. Use Buttons to Make Photo Frames

Large, flat buttons are just the right size to be used for making your own photo frames. Simply print out miniature sized artwork or photos and glue into the bottom of the button. You have a frame that you can use to add some artwork or even family photos to the walls.

2. Make a Wall Clock

You can easily make a wall clock for your dollhouse much in the same way you make a frame. Instead of printing out artwork or photos, you simply need to print out a miniature version of a clock face and glue in in place.

3. Create Small Mirrors

Mirrors are another great thing you can make with buttons. All you need to use is a shiny metal surface, such as mirror coated reflective sheets.

While buttons are a bit small, you could definitely do this to make your own desktop vanity mirrors or even a compact mirror.

4. Make a Lamp From Buttons

If you’ve ever made a lamp using beads to create the lamp base, you’ll find the process for making a lamp out of buttons is also very easy to do!

To make a lamp, all you need to do is glue a stack of different buttons together. You could even mix the buttons with beads for different effects.

dollhouse buttons

5. Plates & Serving Dishes

Another great thing you could make with buttons is create your own bowls, dishes and serving platters.

Since most buttons have holes in them, one way to get around this is to fill the holes with silicone or glue and then sand down and paint them.

6. Wheels

If you don’t mind that buttons look like buttons, they certainly make for great wheels! This is a great choice if you’re building a bike or wagon for a fairy garden or making a Borrower’s style of dollhouse where the tiny people who live there “borrow” things from the real life-size people.

7. Use Buttons to Add Feet To Furniture

Small metal round buttons could be used for the bottoms of couches to create furniture “feet” that help give it some height.

8. Make Button Table Legs

Another thing you could do is take buttons and glue and stack them together to make table legs. This would give you that “millwork” look without necessarily milling something out of wood, especially when combined with beads.

Larger buttons could be used to make a table base in the same fashion.

9. End Tables and Nightstands

For smaller tables such as end tables or nightstands, not only could you use small buttons to make the legs – you could use large flat buttons as the base!

10. Make Barstools

Lastly, one more thing you could make from buttons are barstools. These are simple enough to make simply by attaching a large button to 4 legs using “skinny sticks” or even wrap the seat in wire and cover with a piece of fabric.

Buttons are so very versatile in the miniature world and no doubt there are tons of different things you can make!

Have you made anything out of buttons for your dollhouse? Do you have any ideas for ways to use buttons for miniatures? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. Love your site!!!! Can not figure dollhouse scales out & I finally found your table on furniture sizes – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
    Also, if you don’t mind & not a problem, could you add a mirror to your list? (didn’t know if the vanity or long dresser included one?
    Thank you again!!
    clueless with scales
    P.S.- any chance of adding other scales to the site?

    1. What other scales would you like to see? I’m happy to add them – I will have to check on mirror sizes + try to add those at some point soon!

  2. You could also make pot lids with the buttons and 🏅 medal and cameras 📷 the (lends)and pet bowles and bigger bottons for pet beds or u can make cat tree and or just lids to jars and stuff or a cake or big buttons to make a water fountain can’t think of anything else

  3. Thank you so much for all the great ideas with buttons! I am going to try this using buttons to create table legs that look like scrolled wood! Wonderful info ! My mind is going too fast- 😆 THANKS again Lina

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